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    •    Very unique two-way balanced system. Can be operated as Dynamic-balanced or Static-balanced.
    •    Bearing for vertical direction equipped with super steel metal KNIFE EDGE system.
    •    This Knife Edge material is specially made out of super steel, with very stable and smooth operation.
    •    Knife Edge is precision hand made, resulting in very low friction.
    •    Designed Hi-mass type system, different kind of metal material is used for anti vibration.
    •    Simple mechanism create good reproduction sound.
    •    The tonearm geometry allows for a Baerwald alignments which is IEC recommendations.
    •    Universal type counterweight can be used from 17 to 35 grs cartridge weight including head shell.
    •    TK-950S is fitted with a standard head shell and can easily be changed with other standard head shell.
    •     Attached head shell with adjustable azimuth.
    •    Digital stylus pressure guage (SG-1) included.




  Bearing System                                                                                     Knife edge
  Effective length (from the tonearm pivot to stylus point)                           303 mm
  Distance of the tonearm pivot to spindle                                                   290 mm
  Overhang (spindle to stylus point)                                                              13 mm
  Offset angle                                                                                                17.7°
  Tracking error angle                                                                           +1.45° -0.85°
  Horizontal sensitivity (first action, inner wire free)                                     30 mg
  Vertical sensitivity (first action, inner wire free)                                         30 mg
  Suitable cartridge weight with head shell                                                17~34 gr
  Effective mass                                                                                            13 gr
  Range of height adjustment                                                                   38~60 mm